Our vision for this next year is to promote a lifestyle shift in our clients and communities that will reduce recidivism, chronic health and addiction related disorders, and promote healthy relationships and growth experiences. With our team and its expertise, we provide the clients with the resources to address each area of the individual body, soul and spirit to promote change.  The change found in one individual can drastically impact families, children and future generations.  Many of our neighbors perish for lack of knowledge, and it is our goal to introduce a new paridigm, new habits and foster hope for a different future.

We help individuals and families experience victory with firm direction, purpose, new skills and education.  Above all, this ministry provides that which no money can buy, or program can fix, that is loving people and building a community around those that really desire a new direction for their life.  It truly takes a community to redirect a life!


Providing practical assistance to those in need through transition, education, and housing for the homeless.