The vision of Trinity Outreach is not one of a "men's" or "women's" ministry, but as a ministry of interconnectivity within the body of Christ.  We do not belong to any denomination, and "in service to" and "served by" many different denominations that understand the heavy load this ministry withstands graced by Christ alone.

Our vision and mission is to be the practical hands and feet of the universal and unified church of Christ.  In order to assist with some of the daunting challenges and struggles we find in our neighborhoods and communities, we need our communities to recognize the function of ministries that are willing to go to war against the plagues of incarceration, addiction, homelessness and abuse to help people find restoration, reunification, purpose and another chance.  This may sound easy or "cliche", but it is far from simple as many negative consequences compete for the very soul of the person struggling to pull out of life long patterns of destructive behaviors.

This ministry helps individuals and families experience victory with firm direction, purpose, new skills and education.  Above all, this ministry provides that which no money can buy, or program can fix, that is loving people and building a community around those that really desire a new direction for their life.  It truly takes a community to redirect a life!


Providing practical assistance to those in need through transition, education, and housing for the homeless!