Our vision to serve our community in a practical way has not changed but deepened from our years of service to the neediest populations in our community.  Dating back to the inception of this mission in 2012, our heart has been to help promote inner peace restoration through lifestyle interventions.  Using the lesson learned through the years of working with broken lives and dreams has impacted our team to step back and evaluate how we can assist all ministries that deal with the physical torment that many face through mental challenges. The process of this ministry has taken a very different look with a realignment of both vision and resources.  Here are the core Mission we are focusing on in 2021.

Mission:  Focus on the restoration of the Spirit, Soul and Body through the integration of holistic education, and supportive services.

Initiative #1

In this new paradigm, we are in process of setting a calendar for our on-site court-approved programming with the additional benefit of offering personal educational opportunities with Christian University presentations and courses airing and from our new location to off-site locations for both men and women (aligning with strategic partners in the Tampa Bay area, and regional partnerships and internet-based programs without regional restrictions).  Calendar forthcoming.

Initiative #2

In addition to our Zoom programming, we also will have a new location that will offer practical tools devoted to improving the quality of life in our community and families.  First, we have a new ministry approach in partnership with a national clinical organization that helps with behavior and habits through a Brain Coaching Model.  We will offer private education-based sessions, cognitive exercises for issues that range from memory impairment to concentration difficulties.  In addition, we can provide real-life testimonials and evidence-based outcomes from shared resources with our strategic alliances. Our location is adjacent to a Veterans Center, to serve and honor our Patriots that may have experienced levels of Traumatic Brain Injuries, PTSD or other issues that have negatively impacted their lives.  Our role is not to be therapists, but to serve to educate as a one-of-a-kind ministry outreach for the betterment of Soul through addressing the connection to the Body and Spiritl  We also plan to share access to the state of the are tools to both individuals and the Christian Counseling Community in our area.

Initiative #3

Community Awareness and Prevention Campaign- Help Your Brain, Change Your Life!

This is our very own creation utilizing imaging of neurological problems caused by very avoidable incidents, and their disastrous consequences in the life of the victim and their sphere of influence.  This is a fantastic presentation that brings visual examples to motivate good decisions in formative years to experience success in life.   This is fun, informative, and their age different versions depending on the age of the audience.  Ideal for schools, civic groups, any venue that invites guest speakers.  Our characters are a spoof on superheroes and are sure to light up any audience.

Initiative #4

Ongoing focus into our jail and prison outreach and mentorship programs we begin in 2016.  With new strategic alliances, we will now be able to impact the re-entry population via computer conferencing farther than just our local area.  Our plans are to continue with our local jail outreach, with the addition of program introduction into our local prison system.  The programs are both guided mentorship and our very own Foundations Series that focuses on the Biological, Psychological, Spiritual and Social aspects of an individual.