The Trinity House has been a transitional home for women coming out of various background. Admissions to our home is based upon an application process due to the limited amount of space available. We are not a halfway house, as we do not require rent or evict women based on the ability to pay for services or housing. We also do not base our decisions for admission on how quickly a candidate can gain employment, but we look for how deeply does the candidate want a fresh start with a heart of gratitude, and a deep desire for productive changes. This is a richly faith based living environment and all our team believes in the power and ultimate healing comes from a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

In our home we prioritize educational and life skill needs of our women to try and place them on stable ground when they start their new life. We introduce them to many different faith families, as well as encourage them to stay connected to a growing sisterhood beyond their stay. Many however must relocate to restart their lives, and we continue to keep them in our prayers and look forwarded to updates if possible.

If interested in the transitional program, please download the application and read all the attachments. Candidates may submit applications to

Residential Application