My life is a miracle! I almost died 8 months ago from overdose. Trinity has completely transformed my life! I was a heroin, sex addict and a single mother. I was trying to fill the void I had in my heart with worldly things. I experienced a lot of pain and loss growing up. I always searched for the love I so desperately needed in men and drugs.

Trinity Outreach has provided me with the love, support & life principles I was searching for in all the wrong places! I'm happier than I have ever been!    

 ~  A.G. age 32


As a single mom of two, at age twenty, I faced twenty years in prison. My life was filled with drugs, prostitution, and crime.  This lifestyle (which was normal in my family) left me with limited options besides prison because of my violent charges. Trinity Outreach took a chance on me and with this opportunity, transformed my life! During my stay at Trinity I finally finished my GED, among all the certifications offered through the encouragement of education.  Now, I am employed as a manager in Hotel management, with stable housing, transportation and reunified with my children.

~  J.W. age 20

I was 56 years old and hated myself. A divorced alcoholic with no job, no money, no electricity and a 20-year-old car with a dead battery. Severely depressed, all I could do was hide in the hot apartment awaiting eviction, filled with guilt and self-loathing. My grown children and extended family had turned their backs on me. One suicidal day, I just gave up and tried to cut my neck and wrists. I believed everyone would be better off if I wasn’t around to be a burden. I wanted to die and was so mad that I couldn’t even do that right. After a stay in a mental health unit, I was accepted at Trinity Outreach where the miracles started to happen. During my stay, I learned that no matter what I had done in the past, I was a worthy human being with a purpose in life and much to give. Not only did they give me a home to live in, they provided programs which helped me to heal and grow. I felt a love and support there that I honestly hadn’t felt my whole life. At my age, I felt young again. Trinity brought me to God in a tangible way, and for the first time in my life I found faith!

Look at me now. I reside in the area and have a great job with generous pay and benefits. My children and sister are thrilled for me, as we have begun to reunify.  I have no desire to drink alcohol, and have energy, motivation, and a deep feeling of joy, even when things aren’t perfect. The best way I can describe it is that I feel ALIVE again! Life is good and I am forever grateful to Trinity Outreach for their gift of life and faith. I wish every suffering person feeling hopeless could have this gift.

 ~C.H. age 56

I was a heroin addicted hooker, consumed by a lifestyle of crime and dysfunction. With the accumulation of over 50 felonies, and labeled by the state as a career criminal, I was off to prison for the second time by age twenty-two. Upon my release from prison, I was accepted into Trinity Outreach where I was given the opportunity of a lifetime! Trinity trained and equipped me with the tools that I needed to be a productive citizen in society. That’s not all though, I was FINALLY accepted into a family that loved me unconditionally with no motives. I was home! What a beautiful life changing blessing Trinity has been to me. I am currently employed with Trinity now, giving back to the place that believed in me when nobody else did. I am in my second year of college, with honors to graduate December 2019, and have been clean for six years! A REAL LIFE MIRACLE!!

~A.M. age 29 


At the age of 30, I found myself baker acted in a drug induced mental breakdown. I tried drowning myself with drugs to escape an abusive relationship and all the bad choices I had made leading up until this point. I can only describe Trinity as the light shining through the dark clouds hovering over me. Trinity took me in, raised me up, and helped me find my true self in Christ. Since graduating from Trinity Outreach, I have had consistent stable employment and am currently being recommended for a supervisor position. I am also a full-time honor student in college, majoring in business management! Trinity is still a huge part of my life today and when life gets tough, they are always there with words of encouragement and gentle truths on how to move forward! I am forever grateful for this life changing opportunity that I experienced with Trinity Outreach and the love that continues to flow through them!

~A.C. age 34



After the death of my father and husband, depression overtook my life and I found myself in a battle with heroin addiction, which led to incarceration.  It happened to be a blessing in disguise, as I began a new journey with God through faith-based programs.  Facing homelessness upon release, my instructor introduced me to Trinity Outreach of Tampa Bay. There are no words that could even begin to explain what this program has done for me.  What I will say is this: today, I stand before you a changed woman.  Today, I love God and what God loves and I invite God to be the God of my circumstance.  Today I live forgiven and I forgive so I may live free from the bondages of self-condemnation and depression. Today, I can overlook the inconvenience of the world and instead of cursing give thanks.  Today rather than complain that the wait is too long, I recognize a minute to pray.  Instead of clenching my fists at new assignments, I face them with joy, kindness and courage.  Today I am kind to the unkind for that is how God treated me.  Today, I will go without a dollar before I take a dishonest one.  Today I keep my promises, my debtors will not regret their trust….my associates will not question my word, my family will not question my love and my children will never again fear that their mother will not come home...

~K.D. age 40