The purpose of Jail/Prison Outreach is to help inmates (male and females) to prepare to reenter our communities by addressing real life problems and issues. We have a series of transitional classes and support groups available in both the men's and women's pods that address key and reoccurring issues found within their community. Our goal is to help them change negative mindsets, work through emotional issues to promote healing, institute proper boundaries and healthy relations with others, start healthy habits, and help them set a new future with new and achievable goals for themselves. We also offer a deeper look into recovery for men to support their current faith-based groups. In order to help them change lifestyles, we must make an investment in these people from the inside-out.

This is a very unique calling and can present a variety of challenges. To be effective in this type of ministry, it requires a heart of compassion, relatability, strong character or presences, along with application based practical teaching reinforced by Biblical standards. We are cultivating an experienced teaching team, along with a catalog of proprietary teachings, workbooks and training manuals geared directly to the needs of this audience.

If you are interested in volunteering for teaching ministry inside the jail or prison, please email

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I am grateful for all the religious programs because if it wasn't for these programs, a lot of the girls would stay on the wrong path instead of finding their way back to the right path. I am one these women who has strayed and quit believing in God. Now, I am slowly finding my way back and acknowledge that God has never left my side. Please keep doing the good work that each and every one of you do; it helps even the most tough, and broken, of us. I am one of the broken, finding my way back!

Attending programs helps me progress daily. I am getting closer to my goals and I am working on building a better future for myself. Thank you!

I go to all of the programs that are available and they have been very beneficial to me. My faith has been reaffirmed in Christ and the Holy Spirit has washed through me and given me back hope. I have committed myself to the goal of preaching God's word!

Thank you to all the faith-based programs .... these programs have helped me so much!