A Fresh New Approach To Jail Ministry!

IF you could see what your habits are doing to your Soul, would impact choices and behaviors?  According to the evidence provided to us by our alliance with national renowned experts, the answer is a resounding YES!

Our jail ministry outreach is jumping into overdrive!  We are to launch our Brain Coaching Programs that have been modified into a presentation and interactive format by our founder in a first of its kind ministry partnership with a renowned with the usage of research provided by a national mental health clinic  This initiative takes elements of our in-house services of cognitive exercises and printed versions of computerized assessments, along with our original community presentation and handouts, and combines it with an introductory series on the body, soul, spirit concept. 

A Special Thank You and Acknowledgement to the Amen Clinic for the release of information in order for us to bring forth this unique teaching opportunity

Our local team of men and women instructors and ministers will continue with our line up of Recovery Support, Analysis of Parenting, our very own original Holistic Anger Management, Emotional Healing Support Group, and development of Healthy Relationships with the addition to the program previously mentioned.

I would like to say how much the Parenting and Anger Management programs have helped me to mature as an adult over the last few months. I've participated in both programs through several different instructors and each one has given me something different; one thing being a sense of self confidence and another being the ability to know I can't change other people. The courses and dedicated instructors have given me great insight as to why I feel the way I feel. This has given me the ability to momentarily step outside myself and view situations from a different perspective, before reacting in a negative way. For this, I would like to say 'Thank You' to all of the instructors involved for their time and patience with me over the years.

Thank you to all the faith-based programs .... these programs have helped me so much!

Thank you to all the volunteers! You have given me my life back and have saved me from all the negative things I was doing on the outside!

I am grateful for all the religious programs because if it wasn't for these programs, a lot of the girls would stay on the wrong path instead of finding their way back to the right path. I am one these women who has strayed and quit believing in God. Now, I am slowly finding my way back and acknowledge that God has never left my side. Please keep doing the good work that each and every one of you do; it helps even the most tough, and broken, of us. I am one of the broken, finding my way back!