A Fresh New Approach To Jail Ministry!

IF you could see what your habits are doing to your Soul, would impact choices and behaviors?  According to the evidence provided to us by our alliance with national renowned experts, the answer is a resounding YES!

Our jail ministry outreach is jumping into overdrive!  We are to launch our Brain Coaching Programs that have been modified into a presentation and interactive format by our founder in a first of its kind ministry partnership with a renowned with the usage of research provided by a national mental health clinic  This initiative takes elements of our in-house services of cognitive exercises and printed versions of computerized assessments, along with our original community presentation and handouts, and combines it with an introductory series on the body, soul, spirit concept. 

A Special Thank You and Acknowledgement to the Amen Clinic for the release of information in order for us to bring forth this unique teaching opportunity

Our local team of men and women instructors and ministers will continue with our line up of Recovery Support, Analysis of Parenting, our very own original Holistic Anger Management, Emotional Healing Support Group, and development of Healthy Relationships with the addition to the program previously mentioned.

Thank you to all the faith-based programs .... these programs have helped me so much!

Attending programs helps me progress daily. I am getting closer to my goals and I am working on building a better future for myself. Thank you!

I want to thank the faith-based classes for helping me better understand the meaning of God and to let him into my heart forever. I've decided that I want to change my life to better myself! I've learned how to live for God and his glory, and to stop living for myself and only being concerned about me. Thank you to all the volunteers for helping me find out who I really am. Amen!

I go to all of the programs that are available and they have been very beneficial to me. My faith has been reaffirmed in Christ and the Holy Spirit has washed through me and given me back hope. I have committed myself to the goal of preaching God's word!