What are ANTS you may wonder? 

It is simple, one of the very basic messages of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life is that we need to take captive AUTOMATIC NEGATIVE THOUGHTS (ANTS)! 

Yes, our team ANT WARRIORS are on the move to promote healthy lifestyle interventions at all ages!  For the youth- we have ANT GRAMPS, for adults, we have informative presentations of how to multiply the effects of simple interventions for a less troubled life, and seniors how to fight the senior moments!

This campaign is targeted for schools, civic groups, rehab centers, and senior centers are open for speakers and guests.  Our team comes equipped with visual aids, brochures, and even little brain stress balls as a reminder of the connectivity of the soul to the body! 

"We are excited about this Community Awareness Outreach Initiative using our Four Circle Approach employed by the Amen Clinics.  It is a much needed educational presentation suitable for all ages.  We look forward to continued ministry outreach development with Kristi and her team in Tampa."  Tom Bowen, Community Outreach Director of the Amen Clinics


What are the Four Circle Approach used by the Amen Clinics that differs from most traditional mental health models? 

It is the interconnection of the BIological, Psychological, Spiritual and Social aspects of an individual to promote a strong and healthy mind.  Our presenters have completed the Brain Coaching Certification training offered by the Amen Clinics.


*This campaign may be booked after March 15th after our new location reopens.