Trinity House News!   April, 2019

We are so very proud of the achievements our residents have made as they are getting ready to move on to the next exciting and God-filled chapter of their lives.

  • We want to welcome our new teammates Bonnie and Cheryl and the indepth study of the 12 step recovery!
  • Our graduate s are on the move- Graduate C.H. has began a new life and career with a Fortune 500 company!  We are so proud of her!  Two other graduates move into their final semesters of completing AA degrees and another finished her Medical Coding Certification!  We also look forward to a wedding this summer and celebrate the new life of A.S.  Go Graduates!
  • Ambitious resident J.C has started a new career at a prestigious event catering business in Tampa!  She is utilizing her professional training once again and on track to be reunited with her children!
  • Another resident  A.M. nears completion of her Cosmotology and Esthetics certification.
  • We celebrate new relationships in our community that recently developed as this work is gaining more support and recognition!  It is an honor to see our clients strive to learn, grow, succeed and become of living examples of the transformational power of a life of faith and hope.


Jail and Recovery Ministries

God, in his infinite grace and mercy, has transformed our addiction recovery group into a close-knit family whose members are supportive of each other and celebrate each other’s victories. We have been touched by testimonies of restoration and growth through the year. We commend our recovery group members for being an inspiration to others!
We have been receiving many encouraging testimonies on how helpful our transitional classes have been to the inmates who attended them. They are now more equipped and able to see their future from a different and more positive angle, and have more options and ideas for their lives to consider. Believers and non-believers alike are learning the base foundation of biblical principles and the fruit they bear when applied to their lives. With God nothing is impossible!

May the Lord bless you for your prayers and support!
Team Trinity