Trinity Outreach of Tampa Bay is a grassroots faith-based community movement. We work  diligently to build a network of partners to deploy resources as a practical hand up to those in our midst.  We seek to be a positive agent of change to those that struggle with hopelessness and despair.  In order to accomplish this work, our team deploys a united effort with a transitional home, holistic healing and health protocols, and provides various educational and personal growth opportunities to everyone we encounter. In our local sphere of influence, we have instructors that have inspirational teachings offered locally, and are requested both nationally and internationally as speakers.  Extending beyond, we have a nationally recognized consultant impacting many communities with implementing faith pods and revolutionary culture changes within the prison systems to reduce recidivism.  We are a collection of "out of the box" thinkers, working tirelessly for the betterment of those we impact.

It is our desire to see a generational change, as many of our clients have suffered many years and decades with the same curses and challenges.  Without redirection, they often see their children plagued with the same afflictions. It is a great testimony and truly inspirational to children of our clients when they witness a parent that has hung up the old ways, now walking with a renewed desire and life purpose.

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