Trinity Outreach is a ministry devoted to giving a practical hand up to those seeking a new future. We work toward accomplishing this goal by offering a host of different services, from a heart of compassion. Our services go inside our local jails or prisons utilizing education from a loving and faith filled viewpoint to encourage and assist inmates looking to better themselves. We also stress mentorship as a practical tool to walk besides our fellow brother or sister coming out of our jails, residing in our housing program, or enrolled in any of our court ordered classes as an effective tool to stay on the pathway of recovery and restoration.

It is our desire to see a generational change in our clients that will not only change the direction of his or her own life, but the lives of their children and grandchildren. Many of our clients have suffered many years and even decades with the same curses and challenges, only to see their children plagued with the same afflictions. It is a great testimony and truly inspirational to the children of our clients to see and live with a parent that has hung-up the old ways, and is walking with a renewed desire and life purpose. One of the greatest gifts in serving this ministry is to see children of all ages finally reunited in a healthy relationship with a parent.

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